Remanent magnetization states of thin films

Remanent magnetization states (shown as color maps of the horizontal magnetization projection) of various thin films initially saturated in the vertical direction: left image – Py, middle – fcc Co and right – hcp Co. All films are 20 nm thick and have identical random polycrystalline structures with the average grain size 20 nm. Magnetocrystalline anisotropy constants are: KPy = 5 x 104 erg/cm3 (cubic aniso­tropy), KCo,fcc = – 6 x 105 erg/cm3 (cubic anisotropy), KCo,hcp = 4 x 106 erg/cm3 (uniaxial anisotropy). Lateral size of the area shown on all images is 2 x 5 μ2 (discretized into 400 x 1000 cells).