Where to buy and price list

Micromagus 7.0

Starting from this edition:

1. The package is rebuild using the compiler which allows the vectorization of the code, resulting in the three times performance increase already on single-core processors

2. The parallel version of the package is available, allowing a much larger execution speed on multicore processors

Price list academic/commercial (prices in Euro excl. VAT)

Complete Standard edition
(static + dynamic packages)
3500 / 10000

Additional charges (in % of the standard edition prices)

Extended Edition
Parallelized Edition

'Extended' edition includes:

For both STATIC and DYNAMIC packages:

All magnetic parameters (magnetization, exchange stiffness constant, magnetic anisotropy) of each layer can vary within a layer; corresponding values of these parameters should be supplied by a user via simple plain-text files.

For the STATIC package:
For the DYNAMIC package:
Discounts (in % of the standard edition prices)

Only PERIODIC or only OPEN boundary conditions
Only 1 or 2 in-plane discr. layers

To obtain the information where to buy the full version or to request a free DEMO version (limited to 2 layers, maximal discretization 50 x 50 cells per layer), contact:

Dr. D.V. Berkov

General Numerics Research Lab e.V.
Moritz von Rohr-Straße 1a
07745 Jena

E-mail: d.berkov@general-numerics-rl.de