System requirements

1. The program requires a 100%-Intel-Pentium-compatible PC with Windows-NT/2000/XP . Although the program was in principle tested for all Windows-systems listed above, we strongly recommend Win2000 Pro or WinXP Pro , simply because they are more stable than other Windows clones and the program was tested most exhaustively on these two OS. If you discover any problems specific for your processor/operating system combination, please contact us - we are able to generate special codes for several types of Pentium-compatible processors.

2. No special graphic card is required.

3. There are also no minimal RAM restrictions . However, the more discretization cells you intend to use, the more RAM should you install to ensure that the program does not use the disk swapping (which will result as usual in an enormous loss of the program performance). For large systems we recommend 512 MB RAM to be installed: e.g., to simulate a double-layer system each discretized in 500 x 500 cells the program needs about 330 MB RAM. The memory used by the program depends linearly on the number of discretization cells.

4. No other software is required - the program is a completely stand-alone tool .